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Very visually impressive

The animation, movements and environments are all very well designed and simplistic. Specifically, I really enjoyed the design of the robots - very well done.

There was something about the structure of the film that left something to be desired, but I can't really pinpoint it right now. Perhaps upon further viewings I'll catch it.

As for the intent of the animation, I have somewhat mixed feelings. As an atheist, I completely understand what's being commented on, although to me it feels like a fairly generic argument on a very broad spectrum of religious belief - i.e. the belief in intelligent design and the rejection of science. Religion and science are often considered two separate things, with many people agreeing with both simultaneously - and I feel that that is a sensibility that's far more interesting and complex. I'm not defending religion or anything, but I feel the comment comes off as a bit too broad for my taste.

All in all, good job. I feel with further works similar to this, you'll slowly delve into deeper and complex questions, and will come off as far more observant and intriguing.


Well to start off with, the story is just ridiculous. Even if he didn't (SPOILERS) die at the end I wouldn't have been interested in what would've happened, sorry to say. The animation was very poor too.

I would be fair about it considering the wide shots of streets because it's hard to pull those off, but it didn't look like any effort was put into them either.

Don't rush it to post on Newgrounds next time. Spend time working on it and then post it. A bunch of bad animations are worse to have than one decent one.


very well done intros. theres not much else to say lol just good job.

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I'm a guerrilla filmmaker (I know I'm a teenager, but I actually am a serious filmmaker). I occasionally work with different styles of animation.

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